Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pasta and Pastry - Styling Class

It Pasta and Patry workshop - students are exposed to techniques and trick of the trade in presenting Pasta and Pastry. Some recipes need to go through modification and adjustment in order to get the best result. Tart base recipe need to be adjusted in order to ensure the pastry stand longer and not easily turn soggy. Sauces and gravy for pasta need to be thicken to make it stand the way you want it to be.

Patience and pasionate in work will give good result. Adjustment and modification of recipes does not "degrade" the look of the food it will enhance and made the food look better infront of the camera. Meticulous and sharp eyes sight with critical mind helps a lot as food stylist.

The fruits for tartlet need to be glazed with a light corn syrup to give a fresher look. Over glazing will made it to shinny, be sure to glazed it evenly.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Food Styling Class

With final year students - BSc (Hons) Culinary Arts Management. Preparing fake ice cream as a stand-in or 'actor' to simulate the real ice cream. Fake ice cream help photographer to prepare photography setting before hand - before the actual or real ice cream being shot.

Students are also exposed to the basic food photography skill. As a food stylist knowledge on photography will help to enhance their understanding in preparing food for the camera.

Students are exposed to an hands-on experince. They are also taught on the do's and dont's, recipes adjustment as well as the tricks and techniques of the trade.

Understanding of food and it s ingredient helps in becoming a good food stylist.