Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trend and Style

Today, a simple, neat, fresh, natural and light approach is the trend in food styling and photography. Foods presented to see it imperfection, along with the use of selective focus and composition technique as well as close-ups which resulted to fewer props being used. And, this techniques introduced or developed by food stylist  and photographer alike have become an acceptable standard in the industry. Along with that, there are an increase demand for the need of high quality digital food photography - in packaging, advertising, editorial as well as internet.

Presenting food from different perspective - composition

Food Display

Monday, September 17, 2012

Working with Plate for Food Styling

There are many approaches in the art of food presentation particularly in food plating for food styling. There are classical, traditional, modern or even contemporary approaches. Food presentation or plating a food goes beyond the typical way of arranging of cooked product on a plate, but, in fact one could argue that presentation is an identity or a particular chef's style. It represent how the chef was trained and  / or where he / she practices the style.
In this art of styling, food presentation is illustrated in the 'plating of food' and captured as a photograph through the lens of a camera. Most of the photograph presented here in this blog is intended as an introduction to food styling. And with the creative arts of any kind, evolution is something that can be avoided, it is  desirable....... so, Explore.

Previous activities

It have been a long time since last I updated this blog. Too busy? Or, just plain lazy to write. So, here I am trying to update my blog. Probably for a start let me post you some of my class picture.