Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Introduction to my world of teaching

I believed that students should derive long-term benefits from their time in classes by continuing to grow and develop. Rather than supply students with static facts, I believe that I will serve them better by teaching them how to define a problem, how to decide what they need to solve, how to find and evaluate new information, how to recognize their limits, and how to be prepared both for change and to change. I prefer to involve students in a creative thinking process. This might be a difficult teaching issue, but an important aspect of learning, are the ambiguous, uncertain, and sometimes contradictory nature of real problems..............due to that aspect I continue to learn from experience, colleagues, and from the literature about the dynamics of teaching and about my discipline so I can improve my effectiveness as a coach.
I see teaching as great fun and hard work, (as well as work smart), and the combination of both that drive up my spirit. I will always try new approaches and continuously revising to more effectively guide the students. I constantly and continuously reassessment, updating and adjusting of both course content and presentation - finding for a more effective ways striving to challenge my students to achieve their optimum potential. As a coach it is always be a joyful moment to see best student excel, an average student completed their assignment well presented and better crafted which they thought impossible and lesser student perseverance when they thought they could not make it.

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