Sunday, July 26, 2009

Introduction to Food Styling

Do you know why food photograph look almost perfect, tempting and deliciously irresistible? Probably some of you may have heard about food styling. It is the arts and sciences to make foods look beautiful for photos in magazines, cookbooks, and advertising. Food Styling usually referred to the act of styling food, so it look goods (deliciously which it is suppose to be) in a photograph or film. The preparation, or in a more specific word “styling” of food can be involved as deceptively simple as shopping for a nice looking or in other word perfect apple to as extreme as re-creating an elaborate spread of banquet dinner function. The task of creating appealing images of food is not an easy process. Arts, sciences and patience are fundamental apart from a good foundation knowledge and skill of culinary skill is a must.

Here is a photo of a simple grill sirloin steak that have gone through a process of styling - a basic technique taught at foundation program of Food Styling class.

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