Sunday, December 6, 2009

More Photo Orang Asli.....

Here are some more pictures from our trip to the Gunung Benom Expedition 2009.

The orang Asli house at Kampong Berkoh............

Hassan, telling us his story about the history of the forest. "Do you know that in the past it is very easy for us to find food in the forest?" he said
"There are several type of tongkat ali, the one that has been commercialize is considered as second best to the orang asli. Let this secret of the forest be our asset to pass it to our future generation" said yufod with a smiling face.

Lompat of Cek Wong, Dr. Salim and me in the middle........

Ustaz yusof of Jah Hut orang Asli is very much concerned about the new generation of orang asli, religously as well as morally. There are too many negative influence need to be tackled. Is not easy to raise a family nowaday

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