Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One Sauce............

During the IID 2009 Ivention, Innovation and Design) competition held at UiTM 12 - 15th January this year, I sent 4 products:
1. Okra Thickening agent.
2. Okra Snack
3. Oriental Sauce - one sauce that suit all purpose of cooking, and
4. Blue Peas Jazzy Drink
Okra Thickening Agent, Okra Snack ann Oriental Sauce has won me a gold medal. While bronze for the Blue Peas Jazzy drink. Okra Snack and Oriental Sauce were then entered the ITEC'2009 competition on 15 - 17th May 2009, unfortunately it does not won any medal - probably, enrolled in a wrong category. But it is a great experience for me as it was my first attempt participating in national level - invention competition.
What I want to share with all of you is about the Oriental Sauce that I invented. The thing that spark the idea to invent the product is the word 'convenience'. One sauce that suit for all purpose of cooking. Either marinating, stirfrying, barbequing, grilling broiling, steaming or dipping - you can get it all from this sauce or should I rename it "ONE SAUCE" - it is an authentic original secret recipe made out of vegetables, meaning it is suitable for everyone - even non vegetable lover might be tempted to try. A taste and sensory survey have been done - 50%rated it as good , 16% very good and 5% rated as excellent for it taste. And I myself believed that this product can go very fat in the market. So....................................
For those investor who would like to commercialize this product, please contact me we can further discuss it.

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