Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Orang Asli of Krau Wildlife Reserve

It was a very interesting outing for me early last November (8th - 12th), taking part in an expedition organized by Academic Science of Malaysia, Gunung Benom Expedition in Pahang. As we (Dr Salim and me) are interested to know how the Orang Asli prepares their food, how it taste and does their food helps them to keep healthy, so we took this opportunity to join the expedition.

It is really an eyes opening for me – the Orang Asli are full with hospitality, humble yet with great sense of responsibility to the mother nature and environment. Talking to them make me wonder, have we lost our so call eastern value.

Aziz, the Temuan orang asli works at the Institute Bio-Diversity (IBD), Krau Wild Reserve Office, Bukit Rengit. Friendly and jovial person, a Temuan from Selangor married to Cek Wong of Kuala Ganda.

Lompat from Cek Wong orang asli tribe, a shy but helpful.

Son to Edi Ahmad (an ex-soldier attached to Senoi Praaq unit in Pengkalan Hulu, Perak, a Jah Hut -picture below). Cant remember the boy name............

Edi Ahmad, Jah Hut orang asli demonstrating how to cook tapioca in a bamboo without using any water. The taste of 'ubi kayu' really out of this world. A very proud person and keen to shows the Jahu Hut jungle survival way of cooking.

A Jah Hut woman cooking the Jah Hut way, no oil, no santan purely using boiling method of cooking. Healthy way of cooking but lack in nutrition.

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