Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Here are some ideas of composition. Remember a picture will only be seen by the viewer in two dimension, so you need to compose the picture at the right angle to make the object look tempting as it is intended to be.
 As a food stylist you need to understand photography. Presenting a food or plating a food not as simple as it is seen. Plan which angle of the subject that need to be presented to the camera. Choosing a right angle and concentrating on it as if you are looking from the camera point of view. In this case of Chicken A la Kiev, the most tempting aspect of it the is 'melting' herb butter. So, by focusing on the particular angle it creates a dramatic effect. do communicate.

 A vegetables or fruit might be difficult to present. A 'stand alone' subject might look boring. So here are some ideas on how to compose. With the help of good photography technique it help to make the picture look 'interesting'

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