Thursday, October 3, 2013

Workshop 1

Workshop 1 - Approach of this workshop are to expose participants to the basic angle of shot for food styling. Participants will be shown on how to style  salad and chips from the three angle of shot, which are the eyes level, 45 degree and 90 degree perspective. One thing that need to be understood in presenting a food for a camera is that camera will only present food in a 2 dimension perspective. So, with that in mind a stylist need to put more attention in styling a food from the camera perspective. What happening beyond the camera perspective is not the consent of the viewer. Stylist need also understand that not all dish are suitable to be presented from the 3 angle of shots. For instance a slice of a layered cake is suitable to be presented from eyes level and 45 degree perspective, while a bowl of soup should be presented either from 45 degree or a 90 degree perspective. Understand the perspective of the angle of shot that suitable for certain dishes help stylist to present food in the most appropriate manner. Below are some photos of salads and chips that were presented in the three angle of shot:

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