Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crispy Flour Mix

Crispy Flour Mix - CrispyMix made out from mixture of OKRA Flour. The benefit of this CrispyMix - it will make your fry stay crispy for a long time at room temperature. INSYAALLAH this innovation will be competing at the IID2010, UiTM coming January 2010.

Most flour mixture in the market is based from wheat flour and there is a downside to this. The price of wheat flour fluctuates according to the production and the laws of supply and demand. Our country does not produce wheat flour to meet the local needs and this commodity has to be imported. When the market price of wheat flour increased due to whatever reasons, the local food industries which are dependent on imported wheat flour will be affected. They will have to raise the price of to wheat flour-based food items to absorb the extra cost and this increase will be passed on to the consumers. If the consumers are unwilling to compromise with the price increase and reduce or outright boycott the consumption of these food items, then the industry players will indiscriminately suffer losses.

In view of this scenario, an alternative to wheat-based flour could be produced. One such idea is the production of a flour mixture using Okra. Apart from reducing the over-dependency on wheat flour, we can give Okra some added value as to its usefulness. Okra
or popularly known in Malaysia as Lady Finger or in Malay known as ‘bendi’ can be easily found in South East Asia especially in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. Okra consists of 90% water, 7% carbohydrate, 2% protein, 1% fiber and traces of minerals and vitamins, such as Vitamin B. It is rich in calcium and known as a source of pectin. Traditionally, it is believed that Okra can help to boost-up memory.

Okra-flour mixture is suitable for everybody. This invention will give Okra more versatility as a food item. It’s extended usage than just a mere vegetable will give okra a promising future and will help to stabilize this vegetable price in the market.

Product Advantages
· This product is a vegetable based flour mixture that is suitable for every one of all ages.

· It has an extra crispy effect on both shallow and deep-fried products and is highly suitable for seafood, chicken and vegetables. Long lasting crispy effect compared to any other flour mixture.
· Okra is inexpensive and is easily available all-year round.
· The best part of this product is the old, left-overs and tough Okras which have no
· market value as vegetables are used in the production of the flour whilst the fresh younger ones can be saved as vegetables.
· This definitely creates an added value for okras which are presently only used as vegetable in cooking, hence enhances it’s versatility in terms of it’s usage.

The novelty of this product is the use of inexpensive (cheap) and unwanted or leftover vegetables which currently have no value in the market. The process of transforming okra into flour for CrispyMix used tough, unwanted and leftover okra that are not suitable for vegetable cooking. Presently these vegetables (tough, unwanted or leftover Okra) are thrown away.

The significance of this product is apart from adding the value of the okra in terms of it’s usage and versatility, utilizing the unwanted leftover Okra which currently has no market value, can help boost farmer’s income by selling a product which is previously destined to the garbage bag.


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