Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It have been..............

Pheeew .............just couldn’t find time to really sit down and write (or probably I am giving myself an excuse). November seem to be a busy month for me, right from the start of the week. Busy with the examination, marking paper, research outing as well as competition – Bio-Malaysia (my product OKRA flour have been choosen to enter this competition – it won a gold medal at the IDD2009, UiTM, 17th - 19th November 2009). Know what, our research outing organized by the Academic of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) have been a very interesting one. Dr Salim (my colleague) and me are looking into the Orang Asli cuisine – so we quickly agreed when we got an invitation from MSA for the Gunong Benom Expedition 2009. A lot of interesting things happened – Cooking the Orang Asli style really different, the ingredient, method, flavouring, and taste. I have taken quite a number of picture – will share with you later. Okay got to chow now will keep update, INSYAALLAH soon.

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