Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Food Stylist VS a Chef

A Food Stylist VS A Chef
I often asked what is the difference between a Food Stylist and a Chef? And I always answered them by saying that “A Food Stylist might not be a Chef but a Chef makes a good Food Stylist.” Some might takes it but other asked for further clarification what does that means. So I guess the best thing is to write down these differences. I really hope that it will clear up some air.
Let see what the differences between them both are:
1.     Prepares food for people to eat with their eyes through camera (photography) to feeds the imagination.
2.     The food might not be ‘real’ but it must look good.
3.     The food can be cold but must look hot.
4.     Prepare food based on the recipe given for how it will appear visually.
5.     Very concern on the visual aspect of the food.
6.     Might engage beyond ordinary ‘material’ to make sure the visual result fit the intention / purpose.
1.     Prepares food to feed the eyes and the ‘tummy’ of the people and present it ‘real’ .
2.     The food must be real and delicious.
3.     Cold food chill, hot food hot and delicious.
4.     Prepare food as per recipe and it must look and taste as it intended to be.
5.     Very concern on it appearance as well as taste.
6.     Used original and authentic ingredients to ensure the dish prepare taste the way it should be.

Okay, the list above might give you guys some important ‘clues’ the differences between food stylist and a chef. To understand further the differences, I think it would be better if I could spell out clearly the job of a food stylist. One of the obvious thing is that a food stylist has changed the role of the photographer. Good quality food stylists work with a unique palette that most other artists don’t even think about it. Food stylist need to know and understand the ins and outs of photography or even videography because in that way he/she’ll how a particular food item might appear it is final stage. Food stylist does not just arrange or present food artfully, he/she need to make the food look tastefully good as well.

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