Monday, December 22, 2014

Don't get yourself confused....

Styling or preparing a food for 3 dimensional presentation is different compare to style a food for a camera which should be appreciated in 2 dimensional perspective. A Chef, styled a food in a flamboyant and attractive way to be appreciated in 3 dimensional perspective. However a real Food Stylist may styled a simple food to make it look 'good' in front of a camera. So....student don't let yourself get confused. Style the food from the Food Stylist perspective.........remember the 'Angle of Shot'....'what message that need to be communicated?'.....'what impact you want the viewer to have?' Your food may not look flamboyant but it managed to portray what it is intended for. Okay.............let see your food from both the culinary and a photography point of view in order to become a good Food Stylist. Explore the tricks and techniques from a simple tricks on how to make fresh food looked fresh in front a camera to a more delicate tricks and techniques eg. to make a grilled fish look like it is still cooking..................

It is just an ordinary glass of orange juice but with proper technique and trick it can look refreshing in a photograph.

A Creamy Lemon Meringue Pie with Blueberry - off course if you bake the whole pie the blueberry may not looked that 'good' this is where a trick and technique needed. 
Vegetables should not be cooked as it should be. Slightly underdone to give 'life' to the food in front of a camera. It is for your eyes not your tummy.

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