Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What they says.............

Here are some comments from those who have attended the Food Styling course:

Firstly, many thanks to En. Ali,

For me, this course is really fun and leisure, before this I always puzzle why the picture that use in commercial purpose is always look great. But the real dishes look very different in term of their size, look and appearance.
After a few classes, I have learned some of the tips and tricks on how to make the picture look fantastically great. Nevertheless, I also have learned about the role of the food stylist, to make the food look attractive in the finished photograph. Moreover, the main difference between how a home cook or chef may present food and what a stylist does is the time and effort a stylist takes to carefully and artfully arrange the food.

There are so much knowledge and information that I've learned throughout this learning session of this subject. Beside the technical part of this subject in which related to the understanding the camera function, it also giving us chance to know the essence/basic requirement to become a food stylist. This subject also thought us the skills to portray the best image of the food by using the correct props, camera angle, substitutes products, and also the lighting factor.
For me, it is something that every one involve in food industry should know and feel proud of it - the ability to transform a simple food items into an artistic image. It also show that there are so much career opportunity in food industry beside the traditional career in Kitchen Brigade as long you have the passion.


What I have gathered and learned from this course that there are ways and tricks that can be used to produce food image which can make a simple food dish to become mouth watering, create hungry feeling just by looking at the image. By using inedible food product such as motor oil can create distinct color and texture of a food product which it will reflect at the final food image.
Shooting picture at the right angle also can simply gives the image that makes it interesting, appetizing and enticing thus make people wanted to buy the product.


Personally I have learnt something very genuine and interesting. I might use it for my future career like making my own cookery books such as books on fruits carving, and ice carving. For that I might use the tips and techniques of styling and shooting photos. My 15 yrs experience in the industry as chef and entrepreuner and 23 yrs teaching seems just not enough. Thats why Allah ask us to learn until we die.
So interesting...I really enjoy this course because I learn lots of new things that I never expect before such as use a fake item to make the food look appetizingly real.

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