Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to Make an Inexpensive Light Tent box– DIY

This is another DIY project to make a light tent box, simple, inexpensive and practical. As mentioned in my last posting, you can easily buy it from any photography accessories shop, however the price sometime look ridiculously expensive for something that look simple. So, let do it ourself. So, what you need for this project? Below is list of thing you might need to made a light tent box:
1. 6 pcs of white colored peforated board size: 2' x 2' - you can get this in almost stationary store, they come in various color - cost around RM6.50 - 7.00.
2. 12 sets of Zipcro locking strap self adhesive - 3" each - you have to shop around, IKEA, Hardware, Stationary Store or in my case I got it from Cash Converter - cost me RM2.50 for a set of 4). Overall cost to do this project is around RM52.00. It really cheap compare if you have to pay RM250.00 at a Photography accessories shop.
That all what you need, the rest it, is your creativity. Why I used zipcro? Because it can easily dismantle for storing as well as carrying them around. Here are the DIY Light Tent Box.

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