Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More fake ice cream.........for your eyes only

Last tuesday I did a job for DIGI through Untold Images, they wanted me to do a 5'tiers mock ice cream on a cone for their ads. It was great........ meeting all the creative peoples in the field. I havent got a chance to really snap the picture properly. I did takes some shot but it not the quality I expect, since I did it in hurry without proper set-up. However here are some shot that I want to share with you. This guy is only a side kick not the main hero.
I did not manage to snap the final product with all the topping and dressing, so I let it to your imagination.


  1. mcm ice cream btol...salah 1 tknik kita perlu tahu dlm food styling.nk maintain supaya ice tu xcair..tringin nk tahu lbih dlm lg.