Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Food Styling Class - No. 1

The first Food Styling class for this semester commenced on the 13th January. Students are shown the techniques on how to present food infront a camera. Including the three (3) angles of shooting: eyes-level, 45 degree and 90 degree. First lesson begin with introduction of how to present Mixed Salad in a glass bowl? Things that you need for this task are: mixed salad (a good combination of green and colored lettuce, clear salad bowl, aluminum foil, corn syrup and a moisturiser spray bottle. The principle of salad making is applied: Base, Body, Garnish and Dressing. Before presenting the salad, remember these principles. A good salad should has a good body, depend in which angle you want to present it. Remember the 2 dimensional rule.

Aluminum foil, clear salad bowl, moisturizer spray bottle, cornsyrup and a jar of water.

A crumble aluminum foil in put into the bowl to give a body to the salad, you can place it on the side or bottom, depend on how you want to present it: either eyes-level, 45 degree or 90 degree. Apart from aluminum foil, you may use a small bowl and put it inside the bowl to make your salad stand up.

For an eyes-level presentation place the aluminum foil by the size, this will let the salad to stand up and hold to that position - this presentation suitable for an eyes-level shot.

A bowl of salad that has been presented from an eyes-level view. To give fresh look to the vegetable, spray a corn syrup with water and use moisturizer spray bottle to give a fresh misty effect. Corn syrup will make the mist stick longer onto the vegetables compared to water. This will give longer fresher look to the vegetables during photography.

Tips: Avoid cutting the lettuce with knife, it will oxidise faster, soak lettuce in icy cold water for a while and tossed it to a fresher look.