Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Food Styling Class - No. 2

The food styling class for this week is about presenting and styling a pan cake. It is a simple task, however it need some creativity. So, for this task the first thing that you need to do is to prepare or cook a pancake. A good, fluffy golden brown pancake that will make it more tempting in a picture. Some garnishing, fruit will be suitable such as strawberry, bluberry,pineapple and etc. What else should accompany a pancake in a plate? Yes, syrup, maple syrup - a thicken maple syrup and a touch of green - a sprig of mint leave. Oh not to forget the butter (portion butter), jam if you want and a snow powder (icing sugar).
Assembling a pancake: please make sure which angle of the pancake you want it to be seen in front a camera. Position the most 'sexiest' part of you pancake to the camera. Glaze your fruit, strawberry, bluberry and others so it does not look dull and dry in a picture (you may glaze them with a sugar syrup). The mint leaf too need to be spray with some clear thicken liquid to give a fresher look (mixture of clear corn syrup with water) . Maple syrup you need to thicken them, so it does not look flat on the pancake. pancake will easily absord thin syrup and this will make them look soggy easily. For that matter use honey with some brown coloring to give a darker effect - honey has thicker texture. It will stick and give body when pour onto pancake, it does not easily run flat.

You can add hight or body to the pancake by using aluminum foil. It is also used to give the pancake a even surface, so once the sauce is pour onto it, it will not be easily drip off.

Carefully place the best piece of pancake on the top, position it nicely for the camera.
Glaze the fruit using a soft brush to give a shiny and fresh effect.

Before pouring the syrup, do a dry run to get a good composition. Once you satisfy with the styling and composition, then only you pour the syrup for the final and real shot.

........to give a warm effect, heat up a pallet knife and slip it under the butter.

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