Monday, January 4, 2010

The semester as started............

Welcome to all students who are taking the Food Styling HTC640 course this semester. Welcome too, to students taking Food Retailing Management and Technology - HTC610. Hope this semester will be a fruitful and happy learning session for all of you. I am looking forward to meet all of you especially those who already with me in HTC610. I have prepared a scheme of work for both HTC610 and HTC640. What I waited most is the Food Styling classes, because during the holiday I have prepared some gadget (DIY) for the food styling class - A Light Box and a Tent Box. I am thinking to make this DIY project as your class project.
DIY that sound wonderful, for those who like it. I just found out that with a limited budget you can produce wonder if you want to. It all resulted when I tried to find some stuffs for the Food Styling course. So, I did some window shopping during the holiday - to Digital Mall in PJ as well as Law Yatt in KL. Off course camera shops were the main destination ........phew, know what I discovered? Most of this photography and camera gadgets are very expensive stuff. EXPENSIVE!!!! So,that what triggered me to do it myself. I then surfed the net to find out how some of these gadgets were made, especially the DIY types. And that where I found out how to make the Light Box and Tent Box. For the matter of fact, I would like to urge you students to do the what do you think?

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